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  National Highway
Important Correspondance / Documents
 1. Phasewise Saving Format  
 2. Digital Signature Certificate  
 3. Maintenance of Roads  
 4. NIT No.32_Revised_09-12-09  
 5. NIT No.32 Corrigendum  
 6. Corrigendum NIT No.32  
 7. DSC Request Form  
 8. Corrigendum_SBD Amendment  
 9. NIT No.15_2009-10 NH Dn. Churu  
 10. NIT No.15_2009-10 NH Dn. Bikaner  
 11. Expression of Interest for development and implementation of E-governance for PMGSY/Rural Roads in Rajasthan  
 12. Inspection Note of CE(PMGSY)  
 13. Inspection Note_CE(PMGSY) Dated 21-07-2010  
 14. Revision of Core Network  
 15. Inspection Note of CE(PMGSY)  
 1. PMGSY Road Map (GIS)  
 2. Maintenance_10-06-2009  
 3. Maintenance of Rural Road  
 4. Land Dispute Letter to Collector  
 5. PMGSY Scheme and Guidelines  
 6. Approval of Proposal from Zila Parishad / Panchayat Samiti  
A&F Sanction
 1. PMGSY Phase Xth A&F Sanction  
 2. Corrigendum_NIT_No.5_WB  
 3. NIT_No.05_RRSMP_2013-14  
 4. NIT No. 01-2014-15 QC EQUITEMENT  
 5. NIT_No.04_RRSMP_2013-14  
 6. NIT_No.03_RRSMP_2013-14  
 7. NIT No.-02_WB_ RRSMP  
 8. NIT No.42/PMGSY/2012-13  
 9. Corrigendurm in NIT 33  
 10. NIT NO. 33 World Bank  
Monthely / Quarterly Progress
 1. Physical and Financial Progress of work for Rajastan (Uptodate Position)  
Important Correspondance / Documents
 1. Inspection Note_DLP Roads  
 2. Annual Report (PMGSY) 2008-09  
 3. Maintenance of road works (under all schemes) during defect liability period (Letter No. SE (PMGSY)2008/D-4417 Dated: 13.5.2009 )  
 4. Asset Management in Rural Roads-Need and Present Status (PPT file)  
 5. Defect liability Position of PMGSY Road (District-wise) as on 13-05-2009  
 6. DO Letter to Sh. JK Mohapatra JS (RC) & DG, NRRDA for Provision of Funds for maintenance of PMGSY roads dated 22-04-09  
 7. Circular regarding Road maintainance  
 8. Various Issues of PMGSY  
 9. Inspection Note  
 10. Meeting Notice  
Power Point Presentations
 1. Asset Management in Rural Roads-Need and Present Status  
 2. PMGSY in Rajasthan (22-05-2009)